Functional materials: synthesis and characterization

The FuSyC laboratory network comprises the infrastructure of various ITEP research topics. In particular, work on the topics "superconducting materials" and "structural and functional materials for cryo applications" is carried out here.

The laboratories for the synthesis of functional materials enable the production of superconducting layers by means of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and chemical solution deposition (CSD). The targets required for pulsed laser deposition are produced in the solid state chemistry laboratories, just as the solutions for chemical solution deposition are produced in the chemistry laboratory.

Material parameters such as crystal structure, composition, surface quality, texture etc. of various functional materials are determined in the laboratories for "structure determination". The samples are prepared in the materialography and then analyzed. Common methods such as X-ray structure analysis, optical and scanning electron microscopy as well as surface analysis are available.

Superconducting, magnetic, electrical and thermal properties can be determined by a selection of global and local measurement techniques. Besides the infrastructure for inductive determination of critical temperature Tc and critical current Ic, two PPMS (9T and 14T) and a split-coil magnet are available. Superconducting samples are photolithographically structured before being measureed in the PPMS.