Young Scientists at ITEP

The group of young scientists consists of PhD researchers, students, trainees, visiting researchers and all the other scientific staff at the Institute for Technical Physics, who consider themselves as young. The goal of the Young Scientists community is to promote networking and community across all the research groups at the institute and to make their time at the ITEP as valuable as possible.

Regular social and scientific activities, such as joint lunch meetings or guided laboratory tours, as well as the integration of new members at the ITEP, are only some benefits of the community. The updates and invitations are distributed via the mailing list with the email address ys.itep∂, which is open to every young scientist at the institute.

Besides the networking feature, the speaker of the Young Scientists is part of the institute’s steering committee, (Institutslenkungsausschuss ILA) where the heads of the institute, the group leaders and the administration discuss and decide on ongoing activitiesand plans for the future. This enables every young scientist to have a representative to express their suggestions and questions.

Feel free to reach out to the Young Scientists' speakers if you have any inquiries or ideas:

Nils Nemsow: Young Scientists Sprecher und ILA-Vertreter

Nils Nemsow
Speaker and ILA representative

Mira Wehr: Young Scientists Co-Speaker

Mira Wehr

Felix Wald: Young Scientists Co-Sprecher

Felix Wald

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