Inductive determination of critical parameters

Tc-Ic-induktivAlexandra Jung

The critical parameters current (Ic), current density (Jc) and temperature (Tc) of superconductors can be determined inductively in Tapestar, Cryoscan and Tc-measuring device in liquid nitrogen environment.

  • Tapestar: contactless determination of Ic in reel-to-reel method on 12 mm wide tape conductors. The measuring range is between 50 and 400 A.
  • Cryoscan: contactless determination of Jc on small flat samples (1 cm2). The measuring range is 0.1 to 6 MA/cm2.
  • Tc-measuring stand: contactless determination of the critical temperature on small flat samples. The measuring range is between 77 and 300 K.