Research Field Superconducting Magnet Technology

The research field of superconducting magnet technology is positioned on the interface between materials and systems. It includes both the simplest windings such as ring and disk coils as well as solenoids and pole coils up to complete magnet systems with sophisticated 3D windings that can no longer be realized on simple geometric bodies.
These components are used, for example, in medical diagnostics and research (MRI & NMR), in energy technology (transformers, motors/ generators), in industrial magnets (magnetization, damping/ stabilization, coating), in high energy physics (accelerators, fusion) or in special magnets.
Research and development in the calculation/design, manufacturing, testing and operation (temperatures ranging from 1.8 to 300 K) is supported by competences and facilities in the field of winding technology (conventional as well as cooperating 2- to 6-axis robots with dedicated winding hand), potting & impregnation as well as cryotechnical testing facilities for components of representative dimensions (up to the "meter" scale).

The research work is divided into the following key topics: