Cryogenic Materialtests Karlsruhe





The laboratory for cryogenic material tests Karlsruhe is designed to meet the special requirements of various characterization methods, mainly in the temperature range from 4.2 K to room temperature.

Here, mechanical parameters as well as various physical properties can be determined. Microstructure investigations using X-ray diffraction, electron microscope or spectrometry allow a detailed analysis of the tested materials.

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Mechanical Properties (4.2K - 300K)

ATLAS axial +/- 650 kN
PHOENIX axial +/- 100 kN  
MTS25/50/100 axial +/- 25 kN / 50 kN / 100 kN
TORSION axial +/- 100 kN
torsion +/- 1000Nm
IMPACT Charpy 450J  / Drop weight
VICKERS Hardness test  


Physical Quantities (PPMS Quantum Design, 2K - 400K, 9T or 14T)

Thermal Expansion
Heat Capacity
Electrical / Thermal Conductivity


Electromechanical Properties of Superconductors (4.2K-77K, 100kN, 12T)

The influence of mechanical loads in magnetic field on the critical current of technical superconductors can be investigated with the so-called FBI facility (F-force, B-magnetic field, I-current).

Material Analysis

Failure analysis by light microscope
Spectroscopic analysis of the chemical composition of metallic materials - BRUKER Q4TASMAN  
Electron microscope (EDX/EBSD) & X-ray diffraction for material analysis - FuSyC