He-storage and -compression

He-Kompressoren und He-SpeicherHolger Neumann
He-Rein_Unreinspeicher Holger Neumann
He-storage vessels
Verdichter_untereinander Holger Neumann

He storage

The evaporating helium is either conducted via transfer lines into the He impure storage facility or can be collected in high pressure gas cylinder bundles and then fed to the He impure storage facility.


After the helium has been cleaned in the external He cleaning system, the gaseous helium is stored in pure He storage at 200 bar.


The institute has a storage capacity of approx. 5625 kg or 32,000 m3 according to the following table.




volume at p = 1 bar, t = 0°C

gas storage – pure Helium

2.486,19 kg

14.113,64 m3

gas storage – impure Helium

1.260,50 kg

7.155,64 m3

liquid Helium storage

1.878,25 kg

10.662,49 m3


5.624,94 kg

31.931,78 m3





















He compression

The helium collected in the impure He storage or the additionally purchased helium is compressed to approx. 200 bar by means of 4 compressors, passed through the He purification system and then made available to the liquefaction plants again in the pure He storage. The compressors are able to compress approx. 40 g/s, corresponding to approx. 808 m3/h.


It is also possible to fill He gas bottles (200 bar).


compressor– name

sucked volume flow

at = 1 bar, t = 15°C

mass flow


208 m3/h

10,31 g/s


305 m3/h

15,12 g/s


204,8 m3/h

10,15 g/s


90 m3/h

4,46 g/s


807,8 m3/h

40,04 g/s