Cryo operation

The cryogenics department supplies experiments in ITEP and other institutes across the entire KIT with cooling capacity and liquid helium. Helium liquefaction, purification and recovery systems are available for this
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Helium-cycle Holger Neumann
Helium cycle

  • Helium is liquefied in He low-temperature systems and stored in a 10,000 liter tank or 5,000 liter tank
  • For the user, the liquid helium is filled into transport vessels and the amount received is weighed and documented
  • Due to the heat input during the experiment, the helium evaporates and the gaseous helium is fed to gas storage tanks either directly or via gas bundles
  • When the recovery tanks are full, the helium is compressed to 200 bar using high-pressure compressors and cleaned with a high-pressure purification system
  • The purified helium is stored at 200 bar in high-pressure storage tanks and is available again for liquefaction in the He low-temperature systems