Vacuum Technology and Cryovacuum Technology

Rarefied gas dynamicsRarefied gas flows are a classical discipline of fluid mechanics, which deals with the description of gases far from the state of equilibrium. Such flows are described with the Boltzmann equation. Due to the enormous increase in computing power in recent times, the field of rarefied gases has seen a major upswing. For the first time it was possible to solve the Boltzmann equation with stochastic or deterministic methods, at least approximately for real boundary conditions, if necessary time-dependent and for complex geometries.



Our competence

We have developed a toolbox that contains the right tool for all questions. We keep this toolbox up to date and develop it further:

  1. Monte Carlo Codes (TPMC) ProVac3D for free molecular flow in high vacuum.
  2. Classical fluid dynamics for the areas of continuum flow.
  3. DIVGAS solver for the Boltzmann equation, either stochastic (DSMC) or deterministic (DVM).

Long term projects

  1. Description of the neutral particle gas dynamics in the sub-divertor space of a fusion reactor.
  2. Development of a hybrid code that combines methods of collision-free and continuum flow depending on the Knudsen number.

Involved staff