Grid- and Energy Components


Our research area is dedicated to the development of superconducting components for energy technology. These include cables, transformers, current limiters, and new components which become more efficient due to superconductivity or are made possible by the special properties of superconductivity.


SC TransformerKIT

Superconducting transformers can not only be more efficient than conventional systems, but due to the current-limiting properties of superconductors, they can also ensure better stability of the power grid.

Cable TestKIT

Superconducting cables are characterized by a higher energy density and lower losses compared to conventional cables. Developments can help to upgrade existing cable routes to meet the increased power requirements, e.g. in urban areas.

Fault Current Limiter

The coupling of supply networks increases the stability of the network, but also has disadvantages in the event of a fault (short circuit). Due to their properties, superconducting current limiters can achieve an almost loss-free coupling of grids and at the same time reduce the disadvantageous reduction of the impedance in case of a fault.

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New Components

The intrinsic properties of the superconductors can also be used in other power engineering applications such as DC busbars.