The profile of the ITEP is clearly focused on research and development for a safe and efficient energy supply and use.
The ITEP research activities cover application-oriented technology development, the pursuit of scientific knowledge, the risk analysis of the technologies we work on for public discourse and qualified training in the natural and engineering sciences to promote and secure the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The strength of the ITEP is connecting scientific research and the transfer to economic applications. The equipment and experiments at the ITEP are very often unique. This special infrastructure and the know-how of the ITEP staff is nationally and internationally widely recognized.

Within the framework of the Helmholtz programme in the field of energy, we focus our work on the development and application of superconducting components for compact and efficient modern energy system components, as well as on new technologies for the fusion fuel cycle, especially in vacuum technology.

Superconducting technologies are part of the general energy roadmap. Superconducting solutions are already established applications in medical, accelerator and high-field technology. Due to the advantages in energy and material efficiency compared to conventional solutions, we expect a strong increase in the commercial use of high temperature superconducting technologies for energy transport, energy storage and energy conversion and use. For this reason, the ITEP is working intensively with industrial companies in the realization or introduction of superconducting systems.

The ITEP covers the entire research and development spectrum from superconducting materials research, component development and cryotechnology to the realisation of complete superconducting systems. This thematic profile is the working basis of the professorships anchored at the ITEP and the associated research fields and topics.


Supraleiter- und Kryomaterialien Prof. Holzapfel
Superconductor and cryogenic materials
 Supraleitende Energietechnik Anwendungen KIT
Superconducting power engineering applications
Supraleitende Magnet-Technologie KIT
Superconducting magnet technology
Technologien des Fusionsbrenstoff-kreislaufs Peter Ginter
Vacuum- and Fusion technology