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CryoMak Schriftzug

Leader: Dr. Klaus-Peter Weiss

Tel. 1: 07247-82- 4836

Tel. 2: 07247-82- 3919

Email: cryomakFiu5∂itep kit edu

CryoMaK – Cryogenic Material tests Karlsruhe

The main topic is the material characterization at cryogenic temperature range (> 4.2 K = -269 ° C) of structural materials used in the international ITER project. In addition, special experiments are conducted with partners from industry (e.g. steel supplier, aerospace, etc.).

Used methods:   
  • Mechanical tests
    For the mechanical characterization of structural materials different tests are carried out, including tensile, compression and torsion tests.
  • Thermal tests
    Measurement of thermal expansion of solids and investigation of residual stresses occurring in composite materials.
    Furthermore, measurement of thermal conductivity, to make conclusion related to the thermodynamic behavior of solids, as well as superconductors and their composite structures.
  • Electro-mechanical tests
    Investigation of the critical current of technical superconductors as a function of mechanical stresses and magnetic fields.
  • Accredited section
    Preparation of an accreditation for cryogenic tensile tests.


Overview of topics and projects:

Superconducting magnets generate strong magnetic fields as the conductor is able to carry high currents. Here very large forces occur, requiring special attention. On the one hand, the properties of structural materials (such as the steel used) strongly depend on the temperature, i.e. stress-strain curves fracture toughness, crack growth and thermal conductivity and expansion of the materials must be designed for low temperature (typically > 4.2 K = -269°C). On the other hand the properties of superconductors are influenced directly by occurring forces and tensions. Therefore, the influence of mechanical stresses on the critical current density of technical superconductors is investigated.
The laboratory participates decisive in the creation of standards for the characterization of technical superconductors in the framework of DKE / DIN and IEC.