Conference on Coated Conductors for Applications

For Presenters

c o n t r i b u t i o n s


Instructions for Oral presenters

Please bring your presentation, in PowerPoint or PDF format on a CD or USB drive, to the presentation table
(will be clearly labeled at the meeting) with the time schedule given in the program.

These files will be loaded onto a PC and prepared for your presentation. If you must use your own computer,
please notify the registration desk when you arrive for the meeting. Since swapping out computers creates delays
and the program is extremely full, please only request this option if you have special software needs
for your presentation.
For governmental agency presenters: if required, please be sure clearance information
is included on the first slide of your presentation.

The presenters will be asked to provide their presentation as pdf for download from the homepage.

Instructions for Poster presentations

Format: Large (1 m wide x 2 m high) cloth-covered boards will be provided for every presenter. Posters can be affixed
to these boards with Velcro or push pins. Push pins will be provided, but please bring Velcro if you would prefer this option.

Set-up: see indication in program booklet
Removal: see indication in program booklet

Extended Abstracts for Workshop Proceedings

Two-page extended abstracts will be compiled and distributed to participants on Flash Drives at the meeting.
All two-page extended abstracts should be sent via e-mail (including clearance information if required,
for governmental agency presenters) to cca2012∂ The subject line of the e-mail should be
the author’s last name, followed by titel of the contribution and "_Ext". If you prefer not to have your presentation
included in the Workshop Proceedings, no action is needed, but the organizers would appreciate notification.

PowerPoint and Poster Presentation Materials

All speakers and poster presenters are asked to submit their PowerPoint Presentation or Poster Presentation
in pdf format for publication on the conference website. Each author should sign a release form that states
the presentation can be published as a pdf file at the conference office. Forms will be available at the Presentation Table
in the Workshop Registration area. Please visit the table to provide your presentation for uploading. Regard the schedule
given in the program.