Conference on Coated Conductors for Applications


Assembling and summarizing the comments from the program board and international committee, the scientific content
of the conference should be paired between fundamental conductor issues and application topics. Therefore we expect
a very broad variety of contributions, providing many new ideas which may initiate vivid discussions.

The following key words should address some of the most important topics:

  • Substrate materials and buffer layers: architectures, characteristics and processing/deposition technologies

  • Conductor design: coated conductor architectures and deposition technologies

  • Cable assembled conductors for DC and AC use

  • Long-length, high-speed growth for high-performance and low-cost/high-yield coated conductors

  • Strategies towards better critical current performance: pinning centre technologies, characterization, microstructure & pinning issues

  • Properties of coated conductors beyond pinning: ac losses, electro-mechanical performance, thermal stability, joints, quench behavior

  • Coated conductors using non-cuprate materials

  • Coated conductor applications: application specific conductor design, requirements for power devices, drives, magnets, others