Hybrid Networks: a multi-modal design for the future energy systems

  • Contact:

    Dr.-Ing. Giovanni De Carne

  • Project Group:

    Real Time System Integration

  • Funding:

    Helmholtz Association

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This Young Investigator Group will develop the Hybrid Network concept. Hybrid Networks consist of a close interconnection of multiple energy carriers and are mandatory to balance volatile generation and fluctuating loads. This requires a massive integration of power electronics and control adoption in multi-modal networks. From a passive and poorly interconnected energy system, we will develop a fully interconnected and controllable Hybrid Network. This includes a power electronics-based non-synchronized connection with the main network, that enables a smart control of the fed electrical network, and multi-modal controllers, that permit the coordinated use of more energy layers. As a unique experimental setup, a multi-modal hardware in the loop will be realized for the first time to validate the proposed approaches. The main outcome of the project are design guidelines, validated control solutions and several experimental benchmarks for Hybrid Networks.