Bachelor and Master Theses at ITEP

The scientific working groups at ITEP offer students of KIT continuous opportunities to work on research topics of the institute within the framework of bachelor and master theses. The range of topics of the ITEP is addressed to students of the KIT faculties Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, as well as to students of the teacher training program Science and Technology (NWT), Physics or engineering education.

Area Offers Contact person
Teacher training Laboratory for pupils Mrs. Rimikis

Electrical engineering and information technology

Electrical characterization of new superconducting materials and conductor structures Prof. Holzapfel
Magnet Technology Prof. Arndt
Superconducting applications Prof. Noe
Physics Basic investigations on the current-carrying behavior of superconductors Prof. Holzapfel
Mechanical engineering Mechanical properties of cryomaterials Dr. Weiss
Development of new superconducting materials Prof. Holzapfel