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Dr. Walter Fietz
Dr. Walter Fietz
Bereichsleiter Fusionsmagnete

Tel: +49 721 608-24197

Email: walter fietzPlm7∂kit edu

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Fusionsmagnets and cryogenic materials

ITER Toroidalfeld─Modellspule beim Einbau in die Spulentestanlage TOSKA
ITER TF modell coil

Groupleader: Dr. W.H. Fietz

In the context of the global ambitions to use the controlled Fusion as future energy source for mankind, the ITEP works in international cooperations to build superconducting fusion magnets and the optimization of therefore needed cryogenic materials.

Core theme in the context of the programm Fusion is to support the development of the magnet system for ITER and preparations of optimized magnet system for future commercial fusion reactors through the application of High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC). Apart from those activities this group also supports development of Wendelstein 7-X.

In the last years there had been many large-scale projects for those activities to develop and test large fusion magnets and components. In particular this had been contributions and the following test of the ITER Toroidal-Field Modellcoil (TFMC) and W7-X demo coil in the test facility Toska at the research center Karlsruhe (FZK).

At ITEP the performances in the context fusion are bundled in Task Force Magnets.