Selection of our power testing facilities in Energy Lab 2.0

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL)

  • Validating existing high-power energy technologies in realistic grid conditions
  • ƒFlexibility of rapidly changing testing conditions
  • ƒ1 MVA Egston Power Amplifier
  • ƒ3 linear power amplifiers up to 45 kVA power
  • ƒDigital real-time simulators, able to simulate thousands of electrical nodes in real time
Gallerie Energy Lab 2.0 KIT RTSET

Hydrogen energy storage plant

  • ƒEasily reconfigurable in power and technologies
  • ƒEnergy storage and grid frequency support
  • ƒPower Hardware-in-the-Loop connection up to 1 MVA
  • ƒCoupling with other storage systems
  • ƒTest center for industrial trials
3D-Modellierung Außenansicht Wasserstoff-Speicherkraftwerk KIT RTSET
Hydrogen energy storage plant

High speed fly wheel energy store system

  • 120 kW Stornetic high-speed flywheel
  • ƒSuitable for fast frequency regulation
  • ƒ400 kW (30 F) Supercapacitor
  • ƒ300 - 600 V voltage range for maximum power
  • ƒPower Hardware in-the-Loop connection up to 1 MVA
Hochgeschwindigkeitsschwungrad als Energiespeicher KIT RTSET
Energy storage

Micro-gas turbine

  • Efficient, compact, and reliable power generationƒ
  • Multi-modal facility for multi-energy system trials
  • 3.5 kW electrical and 15 kW thermal power
  • Final energy efficiency of 90%
  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop connection up to 45 kVA
Laboraufnahme Mikrogasturbine KIT RTSET
Micro-gas turbine