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The Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP) at a glance

Die 6 Forschungsbereiche des ITEP



Activity fields of the ITEP are superconductivity and cryogenics and their applications. The activities span over the areas of nuclear fusion, electric power equipment and high field magnets. Essential are developments of superconductors, especially high temperature superconductors, cryogenic components and the characterisation of lower temperature structure materials.
A new field in recent years are contributions in cryo─, vacuumtechnique and superconductivity to the large neutrino experiment KATRIN, under construction in the research centre.
With integration of the Tritium laboratory into the institute with the inventory of 40 g the activities have been enlarged in the direction of tritium technology, especially fort he tritium circuit of the fusion reactor ITER and the neutrino experiment KATRIN.
The activities are medium and long-term embedded in national co-operations, virtual institutes, EU─ projects and co─operations with the industry and are part of the HGF programmes “FUSION”, “Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructure” and “Matter and Universe”.