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The 2kW(3.5K) Refrigerator

Schema 2KW-Anlage
Cryogenics-Refrigerator-3KW-Process draft
Process draft of the 2KW refrigerator
Compressor station
Coldbox/ Ventilbox
Valvebox and Coldbox
Coldbox/ Ventilbox
Valvebox and Coldbox
Innerer Aufbau der Coldbox
Internal Layout of the Coldbox
The 2kW refrigerator process is based on the Claude-principle. The helium gas stream is split after the first heat exchanger at 80K and a part of the helium gas flow is expanded in two turbines with dynamic gas bearings down to 11K. This gas stream is returned to the compressors and cools down the refrigeration gas stream by the means of plate fin heat exchangers. The refrigeration gas stream is expanded in a Joule-Thompson turbine down to 4bar and therewith cooled to 4.5K.
The 2kW refrigerator can run ten fully automatic operation modes comprising 3.3K refrigeration, 4.4K refrigeration, liquefaction and combinations thereof.
Technical Data:
  • maker - Linde AG
  • refrigeration power - 2kW at 4.4K (e.g. 700W at 3.3K and 400W at 4.4K and 1kW at 70K) or 21g/s liquefaction
  • power consumption - 460kW (part load) to 880kW (700W-3.3K+400W-4.4K+1kW-70K, no JT-Turbine)
  • main compressors - 3 Aerzener screw compressors
  • subatmospheric compressor - throughput 34.5g/s, suction pressure 260mbar, discharge pressure 5.5bar
  • atmospheric compressor - throughput 188g/s, suction pressure 1bar, discharge pressure 5.5bar
  • second stage compressor - throughput 213g/s, suction pressure 5.5bar, discharge pressure 17.8bar
  • liquid helium storage capacity - 10 000l