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Dr. Alexandra Jung

Tel: +49 721 608-28085 or -22928

Email: alexandra jungZfw2∂kit edu


Prof. Bernhard Holzapfel
Professor of Superconducting Materialis at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Chemistry, materials science and microscopy

The focus of research activities in the division "superconducting materials and energy applications" is generally aimed at the application of superconductivity in future energy systems. We develop energy-efficient and specialized superconducting components to meet the requirements of energy transition and scientific research. SUPRA's strength lies in the interdisciplinary competence and the possible vertical integration of development, simulation and experiments, as well as prototypes of components or products from a single source. In concrete terms, we are involved

  • Preparation, characterization and optimization of superconducting materials
  • application-specific conductor and cable concepts
  • Development, construction and testing of superconducting components
  • modeling and simulation
  • Power grid integration

The sub-division "Materials Science, Chemistry and Microscopy" enables the visualization of emerging problems and questions with the available materialographic and (scanning electron) microscopic possibilities. In each development step - from the production of superconducting materials, to conductor and cable concepts to superconducting components - we are faced with questions which we answer microscopically and / or by scanning electron microscopy.

The chemical activities of the sub-division are mainly based on classical solid-state syntheses and methods. We produce the majority of the targets required by the sub-divsion "superconducting films" together in our own laboratories. We also optimize the targets by studying the high-temperature characteristics of the individual components and coordinating them with each other.