Institute for Technical Physics

Cryogenic Materialtests Karlsruhe





The laboratory for cryogenic material tests Karlsruhe is designed to meet the special requirements of various characterization methods, mainly in the temperature range from 4.2 K to room temperature.

Here, mechanical parameters as well as various physical properties can be determined. Microstructure investigations using X-ray diffraction, electron microscope or spectrometry allow a detailed analysis of the tested materials.

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Mechanical Properties (4.2K - 300K)

ATLAS axial +/- 650 kN
PHOENIX axial +/- 100 kN  
MTS25/50/100 axial +/- 25 kN / 50 kN / 100 kN
TORSION axial +/- 100 kN
torsion +/- 1000Nm
IMPACT Charpy 450J  / Drop weight
VICKERS Hardness test  


Physical Quantities (PPMS Quantum Design, 2K - 400K, 9T or 14T)

Thermal Expansion
Heat Capacity
Electrical / Thermal Conductivity


Electromechanical Properties of Superconductors (4.2K-77K, 100kN, 12T)

The influence of mechanical loads in magnetic field on the critical current of technical superconductors can be investigated with the so-called FBI facility (F-force, B-magnetic field, I-current).

Material Analysis

Failure analysis by light microscope
Spectroscopic analysis of the chemical composition of metallic materials - BRUKER Q4TASMAN  
Electron microscope (EDX/EBSD) & X-ray diffraction for material analysis - FuSyC