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Dr. Michael Wolf
Dr. Michael Wolf

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HTS High Current conductor concepts

REBCO Vorschläge für HTS-Hochstromleiter

The viewgraph shows several HTS high current conductors made from the HTS material REBCO.

In particular, in the Round strand (d) by Swiss Plasma Center (SPC), a stack of REBCO tapes is encapsulated by copper half-shells to form a round conductor from flat REBCO tapes.
Based on this concept, the HTS CroCo (g) was developed. It optimizes the current density by using a cross-shaped REBCO tape arrangement and the mechanical stability by encapsulating the superconductor in a seamless copper tube. Additionally, an easy-to-use fabrication routine for the HTS CroCo core was implemented that can easily be extended to application-relevant conductor lengths.


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(b) Roebel Cable
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(h) Some examples of complex cable arrangements that can be realized with the proposals (a), (b), (c), (d) or (g)