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Superconducting materials and uses in the energy sector

Application of Superconductivity in Electric Power Systems and special Magnet Systems (SET)

Main focuses of the ITEP are superconductivity and cryogenics as well as their applications. One key aspect of activity is given on the development of components of electrical engineering.
The main focus of the Group “Application of Superconductivity in Electric Power Systems and special Magnet Systems” is given on the development, the construction and the test of superconducting magnetic energy storage systems (SMES), superconducting fault current limiters (SCFCL) and custom built superconducting magnet systems.

Superconductors and Structure Materials

Subject of research and development of the group are superconductors with potential for applications in magnets, cabels, transformers motors, current limiters and other applications in energy technique, spectroscopy and research.
The orientation of the work follows industrial techniques with the goal reaching a prototype state for new conductors and a new application ready for transfer to industry. An important aspect of this pre-industrial development is a deep going investigation of very fundamental properties of the materials reaching a profound knowledge of the physical properties.
Under these aspects we will offer the role of the application oriented partner for fundamental investigations and developments to interested industries. We offer 25 years experience in development of superconducting materials and long year experience in initiation and guidance of research projects with industrial participation in a national or European frame. Our cooperation with single partners is world wide.

Contact: Dr. Wilfried Goldacker



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