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Dr. Michael Wolf
Dr. Michael Wolf

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Proposals for theses

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Master: Überstromeigenschaften von HTS CroCo-Supraleiterkabeln

High Current Conductor - HTS CroCo

Hochtemperatursupraleiter CroCo
HTS CroCo, source: ITEP

The High Temperature Superconductor REBCO offers high current-carrying capabilities. Thus it can be used to transmit high currents of tens of kilo-Amperes and above. Over the last decade, several suggestions for the design of high current conductors were made, as it is summarized here.

A promising conductor is the so-called „HTS CroCo“ introduced by KIT. Based on the „Round Strand“ concept by SPC, this concept was optimized with respect to the use of the amount of superconductor as well as the stability of the surrounding round shell. Another important advancement is the simple long-length fabrication process that allows to produce also hundereds of meters of conductor core in a single step. Moreover, current tranfer to or from the superconductor is facilitated to achieve a easy-to-use, low-resistive connection of two HTS CroCos.
Details on fabrication, current transfer and connectors can be found in the respective chapters.

HTS CroCo provides a base element that can be used for scaleable high current cables for DC power transmission as well as compact high-current conductos in large high-field magnets.


application examples
Conceptual design of a 100kA DC cable cooled with sub-cooled LN2 at T=68 K to be used in
•    power transmission
•    industrial electrolysis (e.g. aluminium smelters)
•    data centers

Rutherford cable for a high-fiel magnet with
•    Ic (4.5 K, 13 T) = 50 kA
•    temperature margin 12 K


Conductor concept
Conductor concept

The cross-shaped HTS cross-section increases the current density compared to other twisted stacked-tape conductor designs.

Fabrication concept
Fabrication concept

Simple long length fabrication process

Current transfer

Terminations are realized by current side injection.

Angular connectors

Realization of easy-to-use angular connectors


The adjustment of number and size of the used REBCO tapes allows for scalable current-carrying capabilities.

Application examples

Numerous applications are possible: high-current power cables, high-field magnets, and more.